Ok so im taking my brother for the first time to the studio tomorrow to lay down some vocals for the rookies project should be fun. I’m also going to get him and Travis to sing bohemian Rhapsody as well gonna be great, so hoepfully i can get some audio in here for you guys by tomorrow night. Feedback appreciated. x


This is another video me and travis1988 made last year about media city, just a small project.

Hey guys check out this video that Me and travis1988 made last year.


Ok so this saturday im due to see Pink live again, so i thought for everyone missing out they should definitely check this video out of her singing sober live. This woman is amazing.

How amazing was that obviously the sound quality isnt amazing however what can you expect from a mobile phone. I cant believe she can sing whilst swinging around its amazing. Honestly at one point i thought she was going to fall off, however i couldnt take my eyes off her, her stunts are like no other performers and she definitely stands out. Check out emmamanc24 profile on YouTube for more amazing videos. One to watch would most definitely be the version of Bohemian Rhapsody (amazing) and also her cover of led Zeppelin song “Babe Im gonna leave you”.

On another note the M.E.N arena is amazing and huge and the atmosphere and quality is just outstanding. Any students who are visiting Manchester or live in the area and have not been to the arena. You should definitely go.

Working on a new project for my University course its a radio drama called the rookies. Really excited about this because it involves a lot of location recording and studio work. Ive got a few friends who are also going to lay down some vocals for me, should be funny. Its basically about two rookie cops who are quite dorky its going to be a funny 5 minute drama. When its finished i will try and post it on here.

When I first heard the news of Whitney Houston’s amazing and long awaited comeback I couldn’t wait to hear her sing again. Some of her old songs are still my favourites today and are on my Ipod so to hear of her releasing more songs just made my day. After hearing her new release Million Dollar Bill I can’t get it out of my head what a Whitney classic, Fabulous. As I work for Ticketmaster I have come to realize that Whitney is touring woo and one of her dates happens to be in Manchester I am so getting my ticket first thing Friday morning. Excited much, its obvious to see that I am a huge Whitney fan but I would like to find out what everyone else thinks of her comeback. Is it too little too late or is it perfect timing, please comment below.

I believe digital identity is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s the identity you produce on the internet with the things you do. Good examples of this would be the blog comments we make or posts we make on social platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. It’s the identity we keep online. It is believed that most employees search for candidates online before interviewing them or offering a job so therefore it is ideal to have a good digital identity and to try and be conscious of what we leave behind for example a friend of mine searched his name in Google and one of the results was an example of his drinking habits. Although the average person on the web would find this hilarious i.e. me, to an employer this wouldn’t be a good example. Therefore could cost him a potential job compared to a person with a really good digital identity.

Do you have a good digital identity? What things did you find when you searched your name? Comment and let us know.